Bring Me Some Fun Lyrics - Norma Bates

Norma Bates Hey You! Get Down! cover art
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Release Date: 2015-8-7
length: 3:37
Gotta pick it up but not this time
Now there are millions of our pieces all around
We couldn´t do it couldn´t save it
All we could do was to fake it
And now the end is here I cannot see you again so
Please God bring me some fun tonight
You set me up so bad this time
When you got no reason to try to talk me down
I don´t need to think about you
I don´t need you don´t need you

I know everything will turn out fine just fine
And the pain will be gone I know it will
For a while maybe a year oh what a lovely lovely year
Somewhere an endless love is waiting for me

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