Step Off and Go Lyrics - Norma Bates

Norma Bates Hey You! Get Down! cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-8-7
length: 2:23
Coming home smelling perfume
In the middle of the night
Try to sneak into the bed
Without get into a fight
Every evening of the week
Going out with your old friends
Returning home with your
Lovers number written on your hands
Tried to reach you at your work
On my birthdays I´m alone
Just somehow you´re never there
- I couldn´t catch a ticket home
I do the laundry notice that
Some of the underwear´s not mine
But I don´t want you to explain
This time you go and I feel fine
I don´t wanna know
Please don´t tell me just step off and go
I don´t wanna know

The clock is ticking s*** I´m late again
I´ve promised to be home
But I don´t care the most important thing is
That I´m not alone
What does it matter if it´s one night
Or if it´s two or three
Cause´ I can cheat on you as long as
You are faithful to me
My head is aching don´t remember
How to fake and tell a lie
Need to say the right things
Or in a second I will die
I want to end this s*** but hey
I really don´t know what to do
I feel no sorrow what is wrong with me
It´s all because of you

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