Who Sang 64? Northstar

Release information
Release Date: 2004
length: 3:03
"Northstar" (x8)

[Christ Bearer]
I keep hearin footsteps in the dark
and Killah-Killah-Killah-Killah in the F-Sharp
Christ Bearer the monarch, a West Coast hip-hop shark
You m_________in mark, I coerce and nurse the universe
Emmerse the megahertz from a mega to the first
I rule the world like my name is Love
Then knock your a__ out, Iron-Fist, velvet gloved
and with the ill gotten game, a Thunderbird to the night train
I go Kurt Cobain, I contemplate the game sippin Vodka, fame
In a chain, a hurricane, on Memory Lane
I'm makin money now, b____, 'Bling, Bling'
It's Shallah Ameen, gettin rich with Rakeem
I rock the khakis with the crease and smoke the hashish
with Maurice, that's shield in the leafs
Christbearer be a true artiste
On my momma, my two nephews and my niece

[Chorus 3X: Christ Bearer (Meko the Pharaoh)]
Cruisin' down the street in my 64 (Impala)
Talkin' to b____es (yeah) Clockin' the ho's (4 sho)

[Meko the Pharaoh]
Just under one of them days
When the Sun beams down on a hot L.B. pave'
With the temperatures that reach the mid-90's
Police always grimy, my n____z stay grindin'
And we'll pull the trigger, off of water of liquor
'Til you feel ya body shiver, remember
These n____z don't play no games
They make the West Coast shuffle with the big ol' flames
Ask my n____ Doc. Doom, they c___ the big ol' cannons, that really go boom
Leave a n____ face-down in the dirt
Police lookin' for they brain, all over the Earth
And that's just the meth'
It really don't make a difference, even if you wear a vest
n____z head-huntin' nowadays, floatin' through the West
Runnin' up with 12-gauges, semi-auto Tec's
Hollering, "Break yo'self, come out yo' s___"
While you feelin' hopeless with all that grip
Cuz the Boyz in the Hood is really a Menace
While some n____z joke like it's really a gimmick

[Chorus 3X]

"NorthStar" (x6)

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