Who Sang We Got It? Northstar feat. Free Murder

Release information
Release Date: 2004
length: 2:53
You know we got that, yeah we got that
(Cars, jewelry, money, *****es
Lo-los and fours, twenty's, switches)

We got it, you know we got V's
You know we got ki's, you know we got G's
We got it, you know we got sons, you know we got guns
Now this is for ya dunns, 'cause we got it ('cause we got it)
You know we got *****es, my *****z hit switches
Don't wheels got inches, 'cause we got it ('cause we got it)
You know we got twenty's, my *****z got money
Now listen to me dunny (you know we got it)

Hold up, lemme touch why'all *****z
As the storm gets thicker and you're full off that liquor
We give it to you in a universal picture
NorthStar scripture, guaranteed to dent ya (yup)
So move ya head and ya neck to it
As the beat got ya going in circles off the purple
We got ya girl past her curfew
Sipping on the hypnotic, plus she begged me to hit the chronic
(It's like that) 'cause we got it like that
Aiming with the Mac like rat-a-tat-tat
Most people in this world don't understand that
Unless they're moving in peace, killing the beast

Aiyo Christ Bearer never been a yes man
You know we got pressed, you know we got fans (got that)
*****z wonder how the Reebox' fit
You know I gots it, you know I got **** (got that)
In the mix like DJ Clue
You know I got props, you know I got you (got that)
Now laid back, twist the cap
You know I got this, you know I got that (you know)

You know we got it when it's fixed to ya soul
And ya feeling breathless (fans lose control)
Folding on dubs, rolling in dough
Makes everybody feel real professional (we got it)
So let me spread a little to my peeps
so these creeps will be quiet
Keep messing around with the NorthStars, *****z might start a riot
(You know!) I ain't lying

Yo yo yo true groupies at the Killa Bee shows
You know we got Bees, you know we got those (got that)
I hit 'em with the N.S., the core
You know they got less, you know we got more (got that)
In the Billboard in the top three
Me and Doc. D., you know we got G's (got that)
The realest rapper in the Golden State
You now we got Wu, you know we got weight
{****, everything we want we get}

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