Who Sang Destiny? Northstar feat. Beretta 9

Release information
Release Date: 2004
length: 4:19
performer: Beretta 9
[Intro: Christ Bearer]
I'm in the mood for love..
Simple because you're near me..
I need bud, won't you hear me..
I'm in the mood for love..
Here name was..

[Chorus 2X: Intrigue]
Destiny, Destiny, Destiny, Destiny, Destiny, Destiny, Destineeeeeeeey

[Christ Bearer]
Sheila Park was at 3 desks in front of me
Her skin was dark 'cause she was always makin' fun of me
Tryin' to bag when I speak of what I'm gonna be
That's kinda sad, 'cause a pick-up she's-a gonna be
want to be in my videos with ho's, 4's
The pose with pretty toes and clothes
She goes (Destiny.. Destiny.. Destiny)
I remember when the ***** wouldn't mess with me
Told the homies from the block I was a flea
Matter of fact that she used to hate see back in '93
Now I push up on the block
22's in the limp fuze in the Alpine's knocked like..
(Destiny.. Destiny..)
Now she's on my ballzac's desperately
She says all she wants for Christmas is a real G
Throwin' with the key that could set her mind free
A father full of mockin' breed
The 6 figure fee and the S.U.V
I'll holler later as I dipped off the gator
'cause she wanted me to date her when she used to be a hater

[Chorus w/ Christ Bearer singing]
Oh I love weed..
I love my sweet..

[Beretta 9]
Her name was Destiny, I met her at a show, right?
Fly as ****, didn't seem like the ho type
21, she grown and free for the whole night
She got a man, but he won't even know, right?
I give her then, but she say she don't get down like
"O.K., man, I heard that **** the other night"
"So that's yo' plan, met with me, that sounds right"
At 12 AM I'm no psycho but it sounds like
Probably the lobby and, defintely in the room
We won't be watchin' T.V., but I keep you in tune
And I ain't all that easy, must be her perfume
There sayin' that she needs me and I guess she assumes
that it'll be O.K. to teast me, ""O.K
Get right on to head, *****, let's play"
A dry hump and attempt later, guess who in the mix major
Destiny, blessin' me..

[Chorus 2X w/ Christ Bearer singing]
Oh I love weed..
I love my sweet..

[Meko the Pharaoh]
High-healed shoes, toes like pearls (yeah)
Diamond baby chain that hangs down to her pearls
Her features real vivid when she walks right on the curl
*****z blow their horns, scream and yell "Hey girl"
Waitin' for the day when she would, pause her world
And give a brother a chance, or even a glance
to elevate the night for the perfect romance
But everyday I wake up I'm screamin' again
I stay focused and aimin', expanded the game
Hooked up with RZA and planted a flame
Now it ain't nuttin' to make a girl stop in her tracks
Actin' like she never knew the Stars way back
But I ain't even trippin', 'cause it, be's like that
Nobody can't see it, 'til ya, blow up the map
Nobody can't hear ya, 'til ya, blow up an act
And now she just smiles when I blow out her back

[Christ Bearer]
Like.. *****z want the secret recipe
They I-D-E-see-I-double E from the L.B. (Long Beach)
Get to trippin', sippin' on the Belvy
Waitin' for I kick a rhyme for L.T

[Chorus 4X w/ Christ Bearer singing]
Oh I love weed..
I love my sweet..

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