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length: 3:51

Deceiting, outraging attitude
Dolo comes so early I can't even find myself in tune
Fear no, what's all about to come
Cause people in this country desstroy everything they've supposed to love!!!
No respect for hundred thounsand years
Playing sick games with human illusions
f*** them all I will pay my toll
I will spit my guts to every f****** one I know!!
Dolo, won't sympathize with this
Dolo, won't live my life like this
Dolo, my life remains the same
Instanly I will drive my f****** mind insane

Dolo, Dolo, Dolo !!!

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  • 2 Vindictive
  • 3 Heaven Denied
  • 4 Mind Insane
  • 5 Againsthem
  • 6 Dolo
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