Fake Messiah Lyrics - Nuclear

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length: 2:31
Needle in the haystack
your words cannot be found
disciples of your truth
wrote s*** just for you
Matters not how you tried
all your crowd are ignorants
nothing turned out
like you thought so

Fake Messiah, King of Liers
fake Messiah, Burn on Fire

Spreading bullshit around the earth
what an icon for humanity
perverted empire
full of twisted desires
Between the lines now we can read
a message of hate and intolerance
we don't fall for your truth
we won't stand for you

Fake messiah, king of liers
fake messiah, burn on fire
Needle in the haystack
your work cannot be sold
armies of hate
sellers of faith

Years of infamous domination
supporting wars and mass a**assinations
your image pure s***
synagogue of pain

Fake messiah, king of liers
fake messiah, burn on fire

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