A Little Squirrel and His Crack Pipe Lyrics - Nuclear Rabbit

Release information
Release Date: 1997-12-2
length: 6:55
I am a freak who knows absolutely everything
About nothing in particular so I must say that
If you lick a a laos, lumpy hump-hump, sticky perv-perv
Jamma-Jamma, kooky dau kooky dau
Envision a Rabbit a Rabbit with a Habbit
Smokin' a crack pipe, would you care to have it
If you don't think so, the rabbit might eat soap
And the jungle pimp who sells that s*** may have to cope

But if he made an offer would you wanna spend time
Running around like a chicken with a bald behind
I wouldn't know so, cause I am not you
So go ahead and soak you fingers in that palm olive

Here comes the green man isn't he the beaver
Wouldn't you wanna be his coffee achiever
Wally is a dope fiend and the beaver he needs his nose cleaned
Wondering why it softens your hands while you do the dishes
Take a good look at my jugular, it is a s*** hole for elephant dungulars
It has the ability to withstand penial irregulars, preseumptuous v*****l excretions
And somewhat irrational b***jungletirds it drips and secrets an ordorous manifestation
Created from an unusual combination of elephant feces and human excretion
Imagine an implosion from a walking excrement

I am George Zimmer and I guarantee it
If you don't believe me then I will pee on it
Making it smell Metallica hell

Plug your nose and taste the toe jam,
It melts in your mouth and not in your hands
Stingy ting and the taste of ear wax
Sniffity-snort-tort-toot the dig'em smacks
Rao your lips around burbling b*** bowl
Have some more splat with your fossilized fruit roll
Quirble clapping speaks a glazed retina
You figure what? for some b***? well that would be nice
Rub-a-dub-dub in my bath tub
With a rubber ducky's hugs I give him my love

With an upper hand on the job, frustrations soothed
With a soap on a rope I make my moves

Cheep-cheep-cheep, flap-flap-flap
Wiggle-wiggle-wiggle, clap-clap-clap

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