Facial Origami Lyrics - Nuclear Rabbit

Release information
Release Date: 2003-8-9
length: 5:18
Braid your cheeks into your chin

Stretch your skull, then make a grin
Take an ear around your tongue

Take a look you're almost done

Rotate your nose, then pleat the eyes

Your entire head must be this size

Loop your ear around your tongue

Take a look you're almost done

The skin is merely clay

To fold and display

Observe my facial disarray

Observe my facial disarray

An ancient art now born anew

Convert my face and flesh askew

Behold my grimace, it's a boat

I'm trying not to gloat
The biggest grin I correlate

To separate this un-headlike shape

Potato-san has not a clue

For I can fold my face like goo

My art remains unknown

As I twist my soggy bones

I hide my drooping face in shame

I hide my drooping face in shame

Someone once told me is

I keep making that face
It's going to stay that way

No one understands

Why do people shriek when

They see my face folding

No one understands me

Once was a man who lived on that hill

Made different faces every day

People did fear but still he ignored

The warnings of the town folklore

Late in the night came a terrible moan

And he came lurching down the hill

To his dismay, his face stayed that way

And he was never seen again

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