Subliminal Smurf Lyrics - Nuclear Rabbit

Release information
Release Date: 1997-12-2
length: 3:31
I often Wish I was a Smurf
Happy and gay, smurfing at play
But I will never be a smurf...
Forever condemned to this grim Human suit
Blue always not, smurf subliminal
True is he for not him mistake
Pride smurfy your smurf to smurf a
High apples three, inside hidden
Green colored been they had them accept readily we would

Mean it does what ,aquanette ,smurfette
Matter infinite this on brainy quote longer no
Platter modern a of blend subfortunate
Me, like you, we all did dream
Of smurfing smurfette, making her green
One hundred smurfs will never share....
The beautiful site of smurfettes pubic hair
Tradition american an of fate the taste or
Psosper souls timeless these will ,end the in
Stew smurf creamy a of dreams many has gargamel
Blushes smurfberry and houses mushroom
I will soak my barren skin
Prune is not blue, but for now it will do
I'll need some shoes, some pants and a cap
A smurf I will be, you too, will agree
Phaerae king kong ding dong you're wrong so long

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