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Release Date: 2001-10-30
Don't step to the plate
if you feel you've got to hesitate
lame reason why you complain
about your state from the start
it broke my heart
I'd put it back together
but I'm missing all the parts
and one piece you need
but more important-ly
you open up your eyes to see
you overcome adversity
Think begin to win
you gotta pry the mind open
I am the kingpin
The subjects lifted
I must be gifted
the same closed mind, you're confined
it's what you're trapped in
I think it's safe to say
you could forget about your lack
of confidence just for a day or a minute
Got time to give it a try, you'll find
it might just be exactly what you needed
Think begin to win
before you gotta pry your mind open
I am the kingpin
Swing for the fences
your confidence is finally climbing
its way back to your senses
complete uncertainty has left the building
before Elvis
while he was asleep now you are living
no longer giving
your head an enema
discovered what you had been missing
it is belief you found within
now that your mind is wide open
I am the kingpin
Swing batter swing
strike one and a miss
another pitch
swing, strike two, where were you
will I ever get a hit
can I get another pitch
for my drummer
will I ever get to see first base
swing batter swing

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