Who Sang Ritually Abused? Num Skull

Release information
Release Date: 1988
length: 4:42
Satan, He lives today in children who's minds decay
Their elders have lost their way
From Jesus to Baphomet, and worlds of Unholy
Are used to alter their brains
They're teaching them worship of evil
Not heavens in the sky
So wake up and see today some children have no escape
Or freedom, or hope to pray
They're banished from the normal play
Actions of their elders are focused on unfocused ways
They're learning ato live out their life
In sick mollific ways

Saddened priest of white religious worship
Fall to their knees in disbelief
Shattered hopes ot one essential worship
The lord almighty "Jesus Christ"
Time will pass though both religious last
The books of both will flood the earth
Future or past, existence of Black Mass
Has threatened the meaning of our birth
Weak little children six years into life
Are forced to betray the blessed cross
Caressing the Dead and tasting the blood
Tormented and ritually abused, so it is done
The words of the priest
The rings of the bell pollute the air
The chalice is drained, Satan is praised
A frantic orgy ends the Mass
Impression is made, a young mind is stained
The knowledge of freedom denied
First had come guilt the parents had built
A trouble mind corrupts the child
Involuntary use of Black Evil religion
Foul Witchcraft and spells of Demonism
Young mind amounting to a smidgen
A forgotton child of Unholyman's upbringing

  • 1 The End
  • 2 Ritually Abused
  • 3 Death and Innocence
  • 4 No Morals
  • 5 Friday's Child
  • 6 Off With Your Head
  • 7 The Henchman
  • 8 Pirate's Night
  • 9 Turn of a Screw
  • 10 Kiss Me, Kill Me
  • 11 Rigor Mortis
  • 12 Murder by the Minister

  • Release information
    label: Enigma Records
    country(area): United States
    script: Latin