Who Sang Afterlife? Numic

Numic Recrudescent Feed cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2005
length: 5:20
It's futile when we've tried
everything's left inside
I guess that is why they thought we were sleeping
though the more that we hold the tide
the more that will drown the child
in spears of thought we help to endear
(chorus) - hold me gently
the world's below me I'm
caught in the afterlife
caught in this afterlife
take the beauty out of life
say you're spiritually redefined
I guess that is why they thought you were slipping
pull the trigger unleash the storm
don't say you were never warned
not to chance when this feeling has lapsed


hide the light
eyes no sight
bold the lie
facing the hole
so you see that I could never be
one mind for anyone like you
(repeat chorus) (I'm your secret)

CD 1
  • 1 My Enemy
  • 2 I, Lamb
  • 3 Afterlife
  • 4 Durge
  • 5 Thrown Away
  • 6 In Periphery
  • 7 Behind the Eye
  • 8 Crawl
  • 9 Control
  • 10 Refuge
  • 11 Unconditional