Who Sang In the Paint? O.C.

Release information
Release Date: 2017-2

[Intro - O.C.]

Uh, yeah, we in the paint
Gage, Bars
Boxing niggas out
Uh, shooting them three points all day

[Verse 1 - O.C.]

The chef's in the kitchen
The washer automatic to do dishes
No secrets here for some who's suspicious
It's live when y'all film it
With me and my comrades in the building
We've earnt that spot for top billing
Sky's the limit, there's no ceilings
When it's call for a celebration
Let that pain pour from uncorked bottles
Got them mami's frisky
On sapphire gin, shots are no joke
Got my insides hot
I'm locked in, this is way beyond beats and bars
This here's ours and them stars
From the musical, showcased at the Gershwin theatre
Real life happens around us, prepare us all for the unknown
I read between sideways slick talk and sarcastic undertones
Like when the summer's gone
And when the winter come
The cold steel spark a flame when I lift that *gun*

[Verse 2 - Majestic Gage]

Show hit my line, told me it was go time
Putting my foot in these niggas ass as I show mine
Your bro fine, I got the glow slime
Flow wise I'm on my own time, fuck a nigga co-sign
If it wasn't for this music
No telling where I would be today
Was birthed into this
So take a sample it's in my DNA
Missed the call but right on time, despite a brief delay
That boy be going hard in the paint, plus he can sink the J
Whether it's in front or behind the arc
Whenever I decide to spark
Press the button I'm 'bout to line 'em park
First guy to start then it's lines of chalk
My lines are sharp, lion heart
Godly stroke with the pen designing art
He raised the bar to a higher mark
Genetic strand show you that this man
Is cut from a different design of cloth
Quiet but once the mic is on is when I decide to talk
Designed your loss, now take it nigga I'm signing off

[Verse 3 - David Bars]

It's more than bars
Any time I tell you something it's power
Chase the bag
Don't get distracted by fucking with cowards
I never lose my train of thought
You know this game is ours
I put in overtime
I'm way beyond the forty hours
Diggin in the crate again
Watch these niggas hate again
Said it wasn't time
I guess it was, you probably late again
Looking at my plate
I know you starving, we just ate again
Treat it like the lotto
'Cos my motto is I play to win
Your paper thin
If you ain't talking paper you can save it then
All I needed was my foot in the door
So I could make it in
All these strangers acting like we friends
I guess I made it then
Here we go, here them niggas go
They being fake again
I just gave 'em shopping
I just went and bought some BAPE again
That sweater with the ape again
I'm 'bout to put out a tape again
Bronx niggas with large figures
It's all niggas pulling all triggers
We calm hitters they can't get us

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