Who Sang Sam? O.C.

Release information
Release Date: 2017-2

[Verse 1]

Yeah, everyday I see the old man
On the block with some Night Train in his hand
His name is Sam
I'm sure back in the days he had plans
Like any other person who choose to dream
He got that, seventies lean
And though he's an acoholic he stays clean
Neighborhood niggas we look out
Especially, during summer time when we cook out
Brown bag from the liquor store so he can sip on
I never tell him get lost
Treat the elders with respect when you come across
Never judge a book by the damage that you see on the cover
On the outside, 'cos inside explains a mans outline
Relationship's about ties
True bond not true lies
So me and old dude talk, one on one
He drop jewels while I listen
Came a time he said "survival is a black mans mission"
Took an account on his life
Who he became was his decision
Saying long ago he was a rich nigga
Prominent in circles
That dealt with honor and virtue
By his name alone he could refer you
That's what he said so imma take his word as a man
Nodding my head 'cos
I'm convinced of what he saying are confessions
Or call them life lessons

[Verse 2]

Winter time it's cold
I see Sam standing in front of the store
Scarf around his neck it's 40 below
I pull up "Wut up old man"
"Yo what you doing out here"?
It's freezing, seeing the cold as he breathing
"Yo hop in, take a ride with me"
Knowing he trust and confide in me
We dip off...
All previous conversations
End up a continuation from the last one
Either about life or something funny
Either or at the end of it all
I end up passing him some money
Which is cool on my part helping another man out
But the paper's not what it's about
See I was taught about perception
Some hide behind their wealth
And never have an understanding of self
Bet every dollar that they all alone
Worse than so with no place to lay their head at times
So lifes stress I just set aside
Life's about balance like rotating four set of tires
Sam made it clear for me to recognise
Really we're not that different
Though we lead two separate lives
It's things in common that coincide

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