Who Sang Needles in Your Skin? Oathbreaker

Oathbreaker Rheia cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2016-9-30
length: 7:15
How I envision this time with you
In a half-lit hospital room
I'm scared to lose
The candle is about to be blown
And I'll be left here alone
With your words so strong
In pools of gone
I'm reaching out but you fall
How I see a talk with you
In a faint crumbling night
I'm afraid to understand
What we had last time
When you pulled out of this life
When your hopes were up high
I'm reaching out by now you're gone
Where will I find the nerves to ask
In this clouded confused head
I feel your doubts alone, when it grasped
You by the Head all you could do was stare
Your gaye so strong I'm still reaching out
When will I retrieve the keys
To my half-lit fractured heart
I'd love nothing more
Than to hear your withering voice
How could you go without me
I reached out but it left you cold

CD 1
  • 1 10:56
  • 2 Second Son of R.
  • 3 Being Able to Feel Nothing
  • 4 Stay Here / Accroche-moi
  • 5 Needles in Your Skin
  • 6 Immortals
  • 7 I’m Sorry, This Is
  • 8 Where I Live
  • 9 Where I Leave
  • 10 Begeerte