Who Sang Fractal Dimension? Obscura

Obscura Akróasis cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2016-2-5
length: 6:15
Piece and piece, composed infinite order
Lacunarity denied
A swarm of harmony, a libertine in disbelief
A symphony of forms, a choral remnant of stars
Quantifying eclectic textures
Intrinsic perfection
Periphery atonality
Errors withhold
A heavenward cathedral of tones
A crystal momentum so pure
A Fractal Dimension
So concinnous and clear
Apollonian multiverse
Of moulds, immortal
A Fractal Dimension, concinnous and clear

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Sermon of the Seven Suns
  • 2 The Monist
  • 3 Akróasis
  • 4 Ten Sepiroth
  • 5 Ode to the Sun
  • 6 Fractal Dimension
  • 7 Perpetual Infinity
    12" Vinyl 2
  • 1 Weltseele
  • 2 Melos