Who Sang Beware the Moon? Obscurcis Romancia

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length: 4:58
Horrific visions of terror,
hypnotic dreams of insanity,
my soul is fading in the l*** of the wolfen hunger.
I cry under the moonlight and I feel this rage growing strong inside me... The beast is taking over!
Under this scarlet moon I sliced the throat of my beloved.
I could not resit the cursed call of this s*****ic beast!
Marauding bearer of pain is coming to bring us with him to hell and to quench his l***.

Death an misery confirms my dreams of heresy.
Punishement of mankind is resolved in a final slaughter.
The blood, is flowing through thousand human's guts and their lacerated flesh.
Humanity is meant to be destroyed and will drown in red seas of blood.
Rise mighty as I am and purge the worls of life.