Who Sang Persuasive Oppression? Oceano

Oceano Contagion cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2010
length: 3:50
(Featuring Nick Arthur from Molotov Solution)

Infiltrating defenses, evolving with every strand,
The contagion continues to spread.
Stranded in a devastated wasteland of contaminants,
The population is slowly depleting in distress.
What remains of a helpless civilization is depleted by an invisible threat.
So government drastically exerts its power.
Through the provision of new laws
And enforcement of home invasions to search and extract those infected.

Containment camps are created for protection under the "Anti-Contagion Act".
A document that holds no truth within its pages and provides no real solutions.
This is a persuasive attempts to further oppress you.
This is corruptive.

Witness a greater vision.
To purify the nation of its ailments,
Human right are compromised, Martial Law is put in effect
To suppress public action and freedom of speech.
Politics swiftly evolve into a fascist tyranny.
Witness the greater vision.

Infiltrating defenses and evolving with every strand,
The contagion shall continue to spread.
This is a greater vision a long awaited master plan,
Which will begin and end in your oppression.

  • 1 Precursor to Enslavement
  • 2 Viral Re-Animation
  • 3 Regulated Disposal of Life
  • 4 Quarantine
  • 5 The Contaminated
  • 6 Exist in Confinement
  • 7 Persuasive Oppression
  • 8 Weaponized
  • 9 Sadistic Experiments
  • 10 Remnants Aflame

  • Release information
    country(area): United States
    script: Latin