Who Sang Revelation? Oceano

Oceano Revelation cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2017-5-19
Wondering where I am now
It’s useless
Slower are the seconds
Darkness envelops a cold empty view
An X-point approaches
Granting access to the deepest of black holes
Back to where I call home
Matter breaks from its form
My body is no longer whole
Finding peace within everything I endure
Consciousness found
Amplified are the senses now
Fully emerged with the beyond
Consciousness found
Fragmented mental shards
Transported to alternate dimensions
All timelines lead back to you
Was my purpose to fall off course and
Forewarn the earth of these revelations viewed?
Here I am now
To forewarn your world of revelations viewed

Digital Media 1
  • 1 Dark Prophecy
  • 2 Lucid Reality
  • 3 Path to Extinction
  • 4 The Great Tribulation
  • 5 Illusions Unravel
  • 6 Majestic 12
  • 7 Final Form
  • 8 The Event
  • 9 Human Harvest
  • 10 Revelation