Who Sang The Event? Oceano

Oceano Revelation cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2017-5-19
Explosions and screams resonate in the distance
Notice the thousands lifeless at your feet
Overwhelmed with fear
Struggling for breath
And a recollection of why you’re still here Everyone has left
Everyone has left you here
You were condemned to die here Endure the event
condemned , discarded, left to decay
Intake your final breaths
And recollect of why you were abandoned here Above a sky so bleak
the sun intensely burns Scorching through the lands
Until no sign of life is visible
The environment has transformed into an abysm The terrain begins to
quake a billows of smog erupt It all unfolds
Earth is engulfed and exists no longer
All life disposed

Digital Media 1
  • 1 Dark Prophecy
  • 2 Lucid Reality
  • 3 Path to Extinction
  • 4 The Great Tribulation
  • 5 Illusions Unravel
  • 6 Majestic 12
  • 7 Final Form
  • 8 The Event
  • 9 Human Harvest
  • 10 Revelation