Who Sang The Great Tribulation? Oceano

Oceano Revelation cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2017-5-19
length: 3:48
Accelerated and elevated
Spared from imminent destruction
Crossing through the umbra of a deceased planet
Passing of many suns, towards the nearest location where the portals
open A celestial bridge of transport grants preservation
A new era encroaches
Still there’s much to accomplish
Dropped in a strange unknown Nothing but hope is promised
The challenge,
To unlearn what they once knew,
To not repeat the past with the same outcome.
Soon the tribulations of few shall return to haunt the many Inherent
lust for chaos and depravity
Returning is the lust for chaos and depravity The tribulations of few
return to haunt the many Those chosen by the ascendants
They have lost their way
Relapsing back to deconstruction
Rebuilding constraints which kept their minds in suppression
Segregation between the species turns aggressive
Man develops currency
Implementing law enforcement, outbreaks of violence escalate Those
chosen by the ascendants they have lost their way
What will become of their colony? Humanity has lost it’s way

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  • 1 Dark Prophecy
  • 2 Lucid Reality
  • 3 Path to Extinction
  • 4 The Great Tribulation
  • 5 Illusions Unravel
  • 6 Majestic 12
  • 7 Final Form
  • 8 The Event
  • 9 Human Harvest
  • 10 Revelation