Who Sang Piller Confusion? Odd Crew

Release information
Release Date: 2008
length: 4:24
Stop! What?
Stop to confuse my life
Die! No!
I hate you
my friend so real
I think I was out of role
I start my organic war
I think
I must shoot my self
I feel so confuse

Now! What?
Now I'll just blow your
Say! What?
Say can you feel the fear

Maybe I should take a pill
not hard if you have will
Maybe I must rope my neck
What I've tried I've
Now! What?
Now I'll just lose control
Take! What?
Take this
confusion pill

Insanity's half way here
I can't feel but only fear
A last
breath of paranoid
I feel pressure deep inside
What you've done with me?

Bad thoughts burning, pulse gone slow
I know the way I feel

The end my
friend it seems so close
I know it waits for me.
No more sadness, no more
Now your feed is me.

Feed! Feed!
Feed me!
Feed me!

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Monkey Pride
  • 3 Fallen Down
  • 4 I Ain't Losing Myself
  • 5 Piller Confusion
  • 6 Pyre
  • 7 There Is No Whiff
  • 8 Misfit Fancy
  • 9 Days Of Insanity
  • 10 Stuck
  • 11 We All Die