Who Sang Pyre? Odd Crew

Release information
Release Date: 2008
length: 4:02
What is like to stay?
Watching others pain,
Smiling happy as they crawl.
What is like to be?
Watching but not see.
Death has chained your neck as well.
So take your last smile
Down to the grave.
Over the hell pyre,
I wish you well.

See the all-seeing eye
Start to realize.
Don't you thing it's time to pray?
Don't you feel the heat?
Pyre burns your feet.
Don't you thing it's late to pray?

All your sins fuel the fire,
Burning you flesh to death.
All your hate fuels the fire.
Why don't you smile again?
Fight in vain for forgiveness
Six feet inside the grave.
Fight in vain when you're breathless,
Now can you feel their pain?

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Monkey Pride
  • 3 Fallen Down
  • 4 I Ain't Losing Myself
  • 5 Piller Confusion
  • 6 Pyre
  • 7 There Is No Whiff
  • 8 Misfit Fancy
  • 9 Days Of Insanity
  • 10 Stuck
  • 11 We All Die