Who Sang A List of Withouts? Oddisee

Oddisee The Good Fight cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-4-28
length: 4:16
producer: Oddisee
[Verse 1: Oddisee]
One time for setbacks
One time for progress
Have hatred for the matrix or fall in love with the process
Not enough sleeping
Way too many prospects
Always feeling fatigue but I have yet to need alarm set
I'm just bout the realest of things
Ain't that the logic?
Lie awake with a dream and then fall asleep with a concept
I hear a lot of chatter about hustling on the daily
But when did the discussion come pay me? Never
This the man that's behind the words that do whatever it takes
I'm not too proud to eat the scrapings off plates
Turn your nose up
You're missing out
What this about
Having holdups?
Well you can eat the chips on your shoulder
Know what
That ain't something that you can learn
But on the way you could earn
Rode through the fixes and the clenches
Never make a U-Turn
And if you do
You ain't ready for what anything cost
Youngin' you soft
Run along with your loss and step off

[Hook: Oddisee]
You ain't got the skills for this
Nah, you ain't got the build for this
Nah, you ain't got the real for this
You ain't got the chill for this
Nah, you ain't got the smarts for this
Nah, you ain't got the art for this
You ain't got the ear for this
Nah, you ain't got the tears for this
Nah, you ain't got the feel for this
You ain't got the years for this
Nah, you ain't got the heart for this
Nah, you ain't got the heart for this
Turn it up
[Verse 2: Oddisee]
When do I not have a lot on my mind
Contemplating what to do with my time
I'm pursuing a grind that runs faster than my passion and I'm
Tryna match it with the habit to shine
Money coming and going
Predict the pattern what I'm tryna define
Already knowing is a tragic decline
Before the show end
Show up with a "I know what" instead of "why"
The answer ain't in the sky don't expect a reply
I'm just expecting decline
I'm scared to death that
This the best I'ma get before God come and collect his breath back
So I don't sweat that
I got a lot of blessings at stake
And I would hate to take them all in the vein
Like I was shooting up base
I'm in the trap you might know it as states
A Murryland boy who wants the world to rejoice at my recording of tapes
Y'all don't hear me why

[Verse 3: Oddisee]
My mother worked the register all the way through her pregnancy
Less than a week from getting me she was working to better me
Pop's selling c**e out on Lanny Park in the 70's
He hustled for the struggle to stop the troubles ahead of me
That's when he had a diner off of New Hampshire Ave
Didn't last, Reaganomics set the market to crash
When I'm back home I always make a point to go past
To see the spot as a reminder of how good could go bad
This the world that I inherited
Furthered it through the murderous weekend meager the nervousness
Look at me I'm impervious
Take your best shot and make sure that I'm done
Cause if I'm not I'll come back to take the life from your lung
I fight The Good Fight
The merits of my actions is slow
Overnight: Nothing worth it would grow
This I learned from the modest of folks
Fake artists with your targets' to blow
Y'all implode
We ain't guarding your soul


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