Who Sang American Greed? Oddisee

Oddisee People Hear What They See cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-6-25
length: 3:23

[Verse 1:]
When George Bush took the oil from the soil
I was in front of the counter buying some milk from the Arabs
In the land of honey I order fries from Chinese surviving off of what's in the foil
Gallon of gas, 2% is the same price
So it seems to the villain goes the spoil
It's cheap fuel, fried rice to my brother man
Cheap fuel, pipelines from the motherland
It's all the same, right?
On the other hand supply and demand could fill the corners off a late night
It's that suffering bestowed upon us by that great white
Not Columbus but Colombians
Cause ain't no coca leaves growing in the District
Of Columbia, so the rut we in
Got to be the best example of some pimp shit
Hit the strip, nigga, get that money and bring it back to daddy
Our forefathers been giving us the shaft
Back lash of a whip, to them whips like the back of Caddies
But we don't give a fuck cause we gettin cash, exactly

[Hook: x2]
This is everything you want, it's everything you need
This is good old fashioned American greed
See we get it how we get it and we spend it how we spend it
Cause it's good old fashioned American greed

[Verse 2:]
I want that dollar, but when I got it it's not enough
Fucking forget it, you think I'm quittin, you out of luck
Cause I'm addicted to picket fences and getting profit
Fuck penny pinching and pissy pensions amount to what?
Never stoppin killin myself to make a living
Make it, I spend it, they lend it, I take it, they print it, I fake it
Them laws invented by those who break 'em, I bend 'em
I'm painted as heinous by hypocrites who feel offended
Blue collar due to the stains from the blood of royals
Freedom rang, freedom rang but it didn't holler
Hard knocking at opportunity's door for life
Cause you can only reach the buzzer if you is a scholar
Higher learning, higher earning at the same time
The fire burning in the ghetto is about to boil... in the celebrated plot
I got everything I need but but I want everything you got


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