Who Sang Another’s Grind? Oddisee

Oddisee People Hear What They See cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-6-25
length: 4:20

Y'all know my steez, y'all know my style, I keep it gritty
Y'all know my means, y'all know my how, I rep my city
No time to sleep, the time is now, I get it quickly
I don't care about another man's grind, it's all about...

[Verse 1: Oddisee]
I'm a dude about his paper, always kinda been
If I was doin anything, see, I was tryina win
And if there was no competition, listen
I would make myself the opposition
Fencin with the grind within
It's just my nature, nurture is the way of haters
Learn to like me, I'm connected to the kind of men
That could make ya, break ya
Ties to the underworld, lies with a cover girl
Lies to the other girl home sendin texts like, 'What time you in?'
Reply later, the studio be my groupie ho
In her all night, tryina get my song right
Hopin that my verse was tight like my first was
First the bus, then the drop, first the buzz, then the top
Happen any other way and you will smack the surface
I'm prepared for the wayward climb
And unaware of other ways to grind


[Verse 2: Oddisee]
Knowin when to hold 'em, man, knowin when to fold 'em, man
Word to Kenny Rogers, nigga, you should learn to dodge a nigga
That ain't got no focus, man, that there is a hopeless man
That ain't got no rod, so niggas fishing for a problem and
That ain't my concern, took a couple times to learn
Reputation for the fakin is the only thing you earn
If the promises you makin you ain't keepin, then in turn
For the effort ain't remembered but the failure will be burned
In the memory of enemies disguised as your peers
If you ever drop the ball - that disguise disappears
So I learned to minimize niggas that get inside my enterprise
I find that's the way to stay clear
Yeah, handle biz with my partners like a Beretta spray
Cause everybody fuckin with me's in a better place
Yeah, we doin more than gettin by
Fixed time to get an infinite supply
It's all about mine


[Verse 3: Tranqill]
There's two types of brothers in this world that we live in
The ones that love to hate and the ones that be gettin
Stacks, cause ain't no place like business
Stay up on my grind, no waste, no pigeons
Pops taught me well, but them streets got the better
Ghetto black youth vocalize for that cheddar
Meals didn't come, so was out with the fellas
Copped a few crumbs, ( ? ) jealous
Comin straight ( ? ) get the finger out the nose
All I know is hard work, dedication and yeah it shows
Never paid mind to chickens or peoples I didn't know
As long as paper comin in you see the smile to a glow
Hey, always ( ? ) no recliner
Focused on my dreams, major ( ? )
The stakes are high, never mind I'ma find ya
Point the finger at his lung, trust that man is minor

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