Who Sang Belong to the World? Oddisee

Oddisee The Good Fight cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-4-28
length: 4:26
producer: Oddisee
[Verse 1]
Walk around the city by my lonesome
All that what I see is where the flow from
There's a million faces in the place to be
Get it where they fit in trying slip in which s***e is me
Within the sea, am I unique or just another fish
To grow feet and walk a beach how most done
Evolvin' at a speed is hard to see I'm in the chill lane
I be in the lobby in a party where I feel strange
Never was the cool dude, never was a suave guy
More like the odd guy, want a woman to root to
Never wanted to be the type that they were used to
Now I'm flying somewhere overlooking a dream
And being overlooked did wonders for my esteem
Now I get a lot of likes like I'm the one that they grew to
Something I couldn't see when I belonged to the scheme
Separated from the cliques and I created a team
It was me, Amir Muhammad , Oddisee is the squad
Much appreciation to 'em both of them gave me a job
Tried to tell 'em I ain't part of the commerce of art
They was "Like yeah you are, you smart"

I'm just trying to break out the mould
Trying to do the opposite of everything that I'm told
Try to put me in a box, already in a globe
So I don't get offended by the thinking of the old
Where I'm at is where I go, and a circle ain't my thang
So it seems there were two gangs
Not enough, but too much changed
Two extremes and we are caught in the middle
Forever lost in the process to choose 'tween
Somebody ask what do you claim
I belong to the world
[Verse 2]
Save a seat for the quiet one
I'm working hard to make my ones able
There ain't a place that I don't call home
Was dropping beats at the lunch table
Now you can buy one, gotta keep my funds stable
The Western world to me is all wrong
And Babylon becoming unstable, don't wanna die young
I'm making moves like the ice caps staying hot with a tight track
Never spoiled I don't want labels
If you can find one, take it that they all wrong
I'm feeling to unchain you
And liberate you from the Wall Streets you occupy
There's a lot of sky and underneath it a lot of pie
And you don't need a bigger plate, just a smaller stomach
You fed up on the feeling once, and you convinced you want it
Well go and get it, be another statistic
Bit off more than you can chew and so you started to vomit
I don't go that route, I don't hang with them
I just go around the globe and not a turn for the stunting
And keep it all in house, the world is my backyard
Don't try and break my fence, nah

[Verse 3]
Whats a clique, whats a crew, what's a gang to a brother who been doing this thing all along
I belong to my name, that's the only set I claim
I ain't bothered by the politics of fame
I perform, they put on, that's the norm, trying to get me on a song like baller this, shooter that
Then they got wrong mic
This the wrong platform, they about the wrong life
This is for the people I'm just trying to cut a path forward
Trying make some music for the future that will last long
Though the never ask for it
I'ma give it to 'em, I'ma give it to 'em
Pioneering tunes and forever I'ma live through 'em
Word to Bob Marley he put memories in melodies
It's relevant in the present though he made it in the 70's
That right there was telling me the classic where it better be
And if it ain't then it don't deserve to represent the pedigree
Part of the solution, or part of the problem
All the moving parts in the process revolving
What are you involved in, answered my calling
I belong to the world

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