Who Sang Still Doing It? Oddisee feat. yU

yU Rock Creek Park cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2011-8-23
length: 3:44

[Verse 1: yU]
Pennsylvania Ave., ridin' 'round
Because it's summertime and we got the windows rolled down
My shit's up loud; other sounds get drowned
Kind of a king, but I got the humblest of crowns
Quite cautious, look around, look around
Tagged my name a while back, but I can see they took it down
Wow, folks I foul, face frown
Here they don't waste smiles unless you was chasing a blouse
Otherwise, it is a gritty city style
One up for the come up, that's how many get down
Small stacks, accumulate it to a pound
Now tell me how does it sound seeing a hundred thou, being brown?
Nothing but monuments is what we be around
So that's the motivation ever since I was a child
This summer sound, Rock Creek, you hear me, now?
Got trees and a nice lil' breeze under the clouds

We're off of Pennsylvania Ave., we're rollin' around
Because it's summertime, we got the windows down
(Oh, yeah, Rock Creek Park)
Now, you see nothing but the monuments when you look around
Trees and cool breeze standin' under the clouds
(Oh, yeah, Rock Creek Park
Oh, yeah, we're still doin' it in Rock Creek Park)

[Verse 2: yU]
I'm feelin' dynamite, ridin' a bike
I'm down Malboro Pike, peddle at the speed of light
I hit a hill, switch gears into a lighter one
Made it to the top, and look down, peep at what I have done
Water bottle before I hit full throttle
Just a sip cause a cramp could cause problems
IPod low, so I turn up the volume
Glidin' down the strip with no hands, people around, too
But I don't even notice none of that
I'm more focused on the road plus the music in the background
That's the sound that we're peddlin'
Rode to Rock Creek Park from Suitland, Maryland
Cruise control down the hill, keep rollin'
Had to pause for a moment until I heard the phone ring
Alright, bet, I'm on the way
Put this journey in reverse and headed back to where I came


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