Who Sang Let It Go? Oddisee

Oddisee People Hear What They See cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-6-25
length: 4:07

[Verse 1: Oddisee]

I was never one to let thangs go easy believe me
I wish I could let it all fly
I know it's not classy but when life pass me
I stare and I whistle as the gal walk by
My mother taught me better
She learned it from the hood
"No bother chasing gold be complacent with the wood"
But I was like whatever
I'm never one to listen
I ventured in the woods other people wouldn't dare
Entitled like I'm rich so I always thought I could
In a world not a care when you're filled with ambition
Following the trails to the cities made of myths
Legendary tales took me there to make a hit
I got up to the door but I wasn't on the list
Opportunity was school seem I'm soon to be dismissed
But I was on a mission so I was like yeah
I'm kind of a big deal let me in I got a gift

[Hook: Oddisee]
(You've got to let it go)
Sometimes you got these problems on your mind
(And you should always know)
And people will tell you, you'll solve 'em you'll be fine
(That you'll be fine, just fine, just fine, just fine, just fine)
But I don't believe that
See that's a way of being lazy
If you want it got to get it
If confronted and you quit it
Then you're nothing but a victim
In a system that we living
But forgiven if you want to start again

[Verse 2: Oddisee]
I'm a man of faith but I'm not a man who waits
I don't plan on fate I plan on me to make a plate
In other words I don't bitch
I never walk away
When things fall apart I build them back I don't ditch
Folding under pressure carry more than I can take
Knees buckle from the weight never sore from the lift
Never came to grips with the fact that I gotta sit back
With the cards I was dealt when I play
I want a better hand so I'm putting mine together
Down to the sky with the plans that I make
It's strength been given I'll be damned if I break
It's brains over brawn and I'm weakest when I'm clever
In my twelve hour when my moms start to pray
It's fifteen ticks still trying to assist
About a minute left when my legs start to shake
A brother at his best moving mountains till they shift


[Verse 3: Oddisee]
And what about the times you give it your all
And you still fall short to what will you resort
Of course we bounce back
But there's times divorce the smack tells us
We should abort in fact thin line between
Retract and react into action
The pride and the lack of the spleen
And what happens colliding with passion
And passive behavior can clasp of a grasp of a dream or impact
And it seems letting go can be a savior
At times holding on can end up being more labor
So I'm cool when I don't get the girl
When I'm shooting for the stars that will probably hit the world
It's not bad for bad aim if anything short comes
Show that I have range and that's real
I'mma leave it up to god god leave it up to I
We'll see what will happens


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