Who Sang Meant It When I Said It? Oddisee

Oddisee The Good Fight cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-4-28
length: 4:14
producer: Oddisee
[Verse 1]
You remember when I would message you?
And you'd reply but I feel like I wasn't gettin' through
Was set to prove I was the better dude
You had a situation and I was patient on ways to make a move
Asked was I single, afraid to lose you, I played the fool
Though she was made for me, I was made for you
That's the basic truth
You showed me upfront, but me, I told you later
Discovered it on your own, now you think I'm some sort of player
But I was just delayin' the news
And I would use your strength to break what was already broke, confused
But girl you made it clear to me, actin' out of a fear to see
Another heart dear to me bruised
Had to confess and I proved
I made a nuisance, I cut a tie
Drown in my sea of lies, pray I'm hung out to dry, rest a**ured
Je t'adore, met you out front of your store
And I meant it when I said, "Tu es mon amor"

[Hook] x2
I meant it when I said it
You know it, you know it
I mean it when I said it, aye aye
You know it, you know it

[Verse 2]
When I moved to Brooklyn, I said it wouldn't change me
Maryland my DNA see, I just go where the pay be
If I was in computers, I'm movin' to where they'd take me
But Cali ain't got winter and that's the feelin' that made me
My brothers back at home be like, "Homie get me a deal"
I told 'em it's a promise and when I'm on that I will
I believed that I would but wasn't sure how I could
Time passed, perfect the craft, they ain't keep up with the skill
Yet they message me still, what I said, I ain't forget it
It's just hard to keep you first when you in second
And that ain't how I meant it, but I mean ain't what I texted
And people get defensive, think you mean but you ain't stressin'
My generation communicatin' without emotion
And make it easier to agree there's stuff in the moment
You said you had a show and I wrote you that I was slidin' on through
When I replied, it was a lie that was true
[Hook] x2
[Verse 3]
When my hobby turned into an obsession
Then my obsession turned into a career
But the pay was a jobless profession
Name on the door, I was a glorified volunteer
But you gotta start somewhere, right?
Was in the basement on an unclear flight
Goin' somewhere slow, so what's the program?
Ma said "Got some money?", respectfully answer, "No ma'am"
Got a couple ounces, the customers came and went
Section 8 the housing, you best to come up with rent
Wasn't the smartest move, it was better than havin' no plan
Cut that out as quick as I started
Back on my mission to be a artist
All I can see is me somewhere foreign and people pourin' in venues
I rap over instrumentals I made in my residential
The volume mama ignorin'
Said I send her flowers for pushin' me and endurin'
It's time to call the florist

[Hook] x2

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