Who Sang Ready to Rock? Oddisee

Oddisee People Hear What They See cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-6-25
length: 4:09
(Yup, we ready to roll)

Y'all ready to rock?
(Yup, we ready to roll)
They say you got your whole life to make your first album
Guess I been busy livin, so that first outcome
Was worth hearin; so here - it - go
Let me kick a verse and just zone out
From the time I was conceived I honestly believed
I was destined for somethin I couldn't break from
It'd be cliche to say greatness, but hey this
Is what I learned: what you are you can't escape from
So embrace it, don't run away from
Bein that digit in that everyday equation
That's steady glitchin, itchin for limits to break
And nothin can get in your way if what you deliver is great
Hm, there we are back to greatness
I think I discovered what my place is
In theory it's basic
It's me doin me, over time, utter rhymes
Is a b***erfly effect that affect mankind
Y'all ready to rock?
(Yup, we ready to roll)

Took a little bit of time, had to get my mind right, had to get the lines right
Lookin at my future like it's all up in my hindsight
I ain't planned that, boy, would have been a climb
Sat up on my bed thinkin I was on the sideline
Eyes wide shut thinking about that bread
I believed that, boy, would have been a crime
So I took it to the sleep and I dreamed instead
Took it as a sign, then I took to the streets
Took it from the books, then I took it to the beats
Lookin at my grind like a stretch, doin time
From the day that I signed to the date of my release
Yeah, I'm doin fine, doin fine to say the least
But I wanna be the prime representer of a beast
I ain't tryin to line with the rest, tryina shine with the best
Till the lime just focus on me
As it should, if I can then it could, be the case
So I ran, over tracks, like I could, beat the race
Overlappin who was laughin at the start, they depart
Call it perm, I know it burns that I'm relaxin in your face
Listen, I am on my job, I set them standards and them rates
Live and learn how to discern the need for chill and makin haste
Now it's time for everybody in the crowd to up the pace
Cause I'm ready to rock, apologize for the wait
Y'all ready to rock?
(Yup, we ready to roll)

CD 1
  • 1 Ready to Rock
  • 2 Do It All
  • 3 That Real
  • 4 Let It Go
  • 5 American Greed
  • 6 The Need Superficial
  • 7 Way in Way Out
  • 8 Maybes
  • 9 Another’s Grind
  • 10 Set You Free
  • 11 You Know Who You Are
  • 12 Think of Things