Who Sang That Real? Oddisee

Oddisee People Hear What They See cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-6-25
length: 3:41

[Verse 1: Oddisee]
Before I knew what I was doing, I was trying to do something
That's the definition, listen, of a know-it-all young'n
Hard headed, hardly headed, in directions I intended
Where I ended wasn't deaded, like no exit except the entrance
Now I'm making my entrance as if I'm hopping the fences
Thinking I'm being careful, but really I'm just an infant
Adolescent at best, had a lesson at livin'
Given to me the stress, inherited with the vision
Wool over my eyes, blue, say is the sky
Gray is the true color, but who sayeth the why?
So do that make me pessimistic
If I fill up my head with the best of this shit?
Niggas say I'm cool, shorties say I'm their lipstick
On the tip of their tongue is my lyrics they're whisperin'
Let's make it apply, right place and the time
Tight space and the vibe is right for lacing a rhyme
Might say I'm in prime, light laced in the lime
Bittersweet is the beat and together taste is divine
Lemonade in my shine, dimmer shade in the blind
Spots in my mirror, forward never rewind
Plot's vividly clearer, not saying that I'm
Knowing just what I'm doin', but got faith in my grind
So stop, haters, you're lying, if you say that you can get it how I get it
Swab test; you failed, can't spit it how I spit it

[Hook: Oliver Daysoul]
One of these days, baby, I hope to be
Whatever they be is all that I hope to be
One of these days, baby, I hope to be

[Verse 2: Oddisee]
They're saying "oh, bring that real shit, something you can feel shit"
Numb to that dumb it down spun overkill shit
Run over hills shit, dated like the fifth wheel
Hate it when they made it but they praise it just to get deals
Me, never that, Man: that's never happening
See, I be rapping for that feeling I got back when
I was riding on a big wheel
When friends owing me a dollar was a big deal
Sunday night, grandmama would cook a big meal
Meaning that I do it for the innocence in it, still
And if I'm naive, fuck it then, shit will
Seems better even though the weather seem chill
Spleen chills at the idea seeming fake
Even though imitation makes mean bills
I mean, innovation will get you recognition
But "keep it real" is really code for when the check is missin'
And that's cool, cause me, I'm a realist
Optimistically drinking from the glass of the pessimistic
Hey, check it, listen

[Hook: Oliver Daysoul]

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