Who Sang The Need Superficial? Oddisee

Oddisee People Hear What They See cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-6-25
length: 2:59
Hot dance on ...of the start
On my sleeves I was wearing my heart
My beliefs I was tearing apart
She was my religion, another clear as the art
I idolized her, I demised her
Fiend for the esteem, must creep and supply her
For I too one to blame that I used her
The few words lyrical claim I"m not a looser
To walk next to her, you"d understand
To be a man, most important you would have to throw a check to her
A mean...the food off the mike that I hit
When robbers a jewel off, the side of the chick that I"m with
Excites the words that describe that you"re next to something
That"s desire
To posses require contention
I need her in my life, so see I confessed it
Superficial, super love, yeah
Superficial, super love, yeah

Yo, yo, yo, look most thangs being chased on wanna be

But she keep a pace where her face stay in front of me
What a great catch, don"t let it get near
My biggest thing that my interest will disappear
I ain"t escaped yet, but in time
I"ll find something to climb for the challenge a bit...
Sweet nothing"s in the air of my next here
My dear in the making I make tear
From the faces of beauty I turn ugly
I want you to want me to be unclear
So good, you"re caught in, and you"re deep
And I ain"t quite perfective, I"m just move it
Steady deceiving myself, believing
I ain"t living for somebody else
It"s a cycle that it just can"t get you
I love you right now, go superficial
Superficial, super love, yeah
Superficial, super love, yeah
Superficial, super love, yeah
Superficial, super love, yeah.

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