Who Sang What They’ll Say? Oddisee

Oddisee The Good Fight cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-4-28
length: 4:31
producer: Oddisee
guest performer: Gary Clark Jr.
guest: Maimouna Youssef

[Verse 1: Oddisee]
I got a purpose and a plan, and it's workin'
Feeling like I'm running on a circuit, but it's worth it
Paint a picture perfect, with the blood that I'm exertin'
It ain't hurting, so the further I'mma push it into service
Polish up the surface cause I see that order matters
And the shallows is be deep enough for peaking up and flourish
Hiding in the bushes with a motive and a mission
I'm jumping out over bridges, no parachute or a cushion
You know they only listen when the war's at a distance
With the misses get nearer, nothing started us, but is it?
Repentin in a minute so the ending is where its [justice?]
Nah I would rather do this, give all me 'til it's finished
I hope they gon' say Fortwell
Yeah Fortwell
Brought wells to the desolate for quenchin'
I know that my intentions go unnoticed
And part of me wants attention
The art of me, you get what I didn't
See I fought good

[Chorus: Maimouna Youssef] x2
I will fight the good fight, I will, go where there's no path - and leave behind a trail

[Verse 2: Oddisee]
I'mma make a difference, I'm trying to make the thang that makes the difference
Wait - let me explain
You see it's bigger than the individual
My armor stay invisible
My efforts you can cite them in the pain
(What's realer than that?)
Got me feeling like the sentiment is of my own
Keep calm carried on like a gentlemen
But I'm in the arena, with hyenas
And the only way to beat them, that I see is with intelligence
(What's realer than that?)
Being black with a brain
They rather see me asking for the ball than for a raise
Yeah I could dumb it down and get a buck
Or smarten up and get the grave
I'm just tryna make a living in the grade
Try to fit me in the space
I'll make you comfortable
But I was sent to trouble you
But when my calling finish, take the survey
The pen is mightier than swords
Only weapon that I got
You're naive to think it's wordplay
What's realer than that?

[Chorus: Maimouna Youssef] x2

[Bridge: Gary Clark Jr.]

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