Who Sang Complications? Odessa

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I keep telling myself so many things
but I'm unsure what to believe
the point where I should strive
is a point I can't seem to find
these complications
got the better of us

no longer will I let you drag me down
I am better than this, you bought this upon yourself
on yourself
it's a long way to the top from here
you're falling down

you are everything that is wrong with this f****** world
and I can't stand what you have become
you stand on your own
you stand for nothing

you stand for nothing
you stand for nothing
your existance disgusts me

CD 1
  • 1 Separated
  • 2 Breaking Point
  • 3 All I Have
  • 4 Animosity
  • 5 Path of Frustration
  • 6 Isolation
  • 7 Divide and Conquer
  • 8 Carry the Weight
  • 9 Complications
  • 10 Anywhere But Here
  • 11 On the Outside
  • 12 Blind

  • Release information
    format: CD
    script: Latin