Who Sang The Traitor? Odinfist

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length: 3:54
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I've been sold second hand
All my work compromised
Taken back forced I ran
Why is this who devised?
All my work compromised
This poison is running all through my veins
Wheels in motion I cannot stop the blaze
Who is this a**assin riddles only know

In our lives we meet
The traitor
Light the fire ignore defeat
Let them burn
Take a stand against the odds
Freedom hurts
We must rise against the traitor

Total loss, devastation
Everything wrong, my salvation
Trust is lost, forgotten
Mind Jaded, future pain
Run away, no option
I must stay and fight never giving up
Fight for what is right cannot stop the blaze
Find the traitor who ruined my future

Looking for the traitor
Looking for my vengeance
Sold my life for freedom
Will I ever find them?

CD 1
  • 1 Release the Vice
  • 2 The Traitor
  • 3 Grim Toll
  • 4 The Great Thirst
  • 5 Soul Surgery
  • 6 Dream of Light
  • 7 Will of the Warrior
  • 8 Ragnarok