Who Sang Monday Morning Quarterbacks? Off Minor

Off Minor The Heat Death of the Universe cover art
Release information
Genre: Rock
Style: Hardcore/Emo
length: 2:58
Please let these words mean so much more than they seemed, retroactively, for my sake more than yours. (The dead feel no guilt) I need to know that what you took was everything we had, but monday morning quarterbacks just focus on the bad. But it was good, my friend, wasn't it.

CD 1
  • 1 The Heat Death of the Universe
  • 2 This Is a Hostage Situation
  • 3 It’s a Beauty
  • 4 Punch for Punch
  • 5 The Transient
  • 6 Staring Down the Barrel of Limited Options
  • 7 Spartan
  • 8 Monday Morning Quarterbacks
  • 9 Off Minor