Who Sang Beelitz? Oh No Ono

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Release information
Release Date: 2009-4-20
length: 9:48
I took a long deep breath
and found that nonetheless
the oxygen still managed to get in
my mouth could hardly taste
no difference food or waste
I'd love to chat but I'm not where I'm at
where I'm at
where I'm at
where I'm at

my eyes could hardly see
how dear she was to me
but nonetheless they focused on the rest
my hands could barely feel
what's fake or just unreal
I'll try to sleep and find a girl to keep

girl to keep
girl to keep
girl to keep

don't take your hands off that wheelchair
shield the young eyes of your friend
write him a note just don't go (write me just don't go)
kiss me alright.... and blow a wish child
just don't fool around while we cut off the air supply
girl I need
girl I need
girl I need

free seats in the each of the wheelchairs
read bits aloud for the dead
write them a note there you go (write me just don't go)
guess it looks like they had a safe flight
(eat the falling snow) kiss it's cold bites
make sure that this child's feet won't hit the ground

where I'm at
where I'm at
where I'm at
go take your boat to the bath tube
speed up your feet my dear friend
I'd have to stay under water to stay out of love
(with suitable boots and my carnival teeth)
(now we have lost his pleasant behavior)
dance for the fans it's your duty!! s***** committees agree:
we splash the ingredients and f*** the big audience
and saving up favours again and again...

tonight no phones are ringing
and god is on his knees
he knew the ark was coming
he didn't know what for
he couldn't take advice from anyone
now god has left the lighthouse
and on the shore he wasn't sure
exactly why he was doing a long gone melody
what must be done is done now close the door

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