Who Sang Eve? Oh No Ono

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Release information
Release Date: 2009-4-20
length: 6:42
do we have to wait and see
do we have to let it be
time is running out
and it's running loud
silence in our new-made bed
it's too sad not to regret
time is running out
from our rainy cloud

and the bells rang out for the couple who still had no troubles to forget

is this me and is this really you
arguing about the decoration
I don't recognize us anymore well
that's what's going on
expectations I can't fill
you're still certain I'm still ill
time is running out
I can't make you proud

you don't have to wait for me
you don't need my company
living in the past
is growing up too fast
and the bells rang out for a moment before the in-laws got their pictures

is this me and is it really you
telling me to find an occupation
I don't lionize you anymore well
that's what's going on
and all together it's just a feeling

go love go
don't come back again
I'm not your friend
bye love bye
I just can't pretend to be your friend

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