Who Sang The Witch of Wookey Hole? Old Corpse Road

Release information
Release Date: 2010-3-18
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Black Metal/Death Metal/Experimental
length: 10:09
During the dark ages, in the village of Wookey
Lived a young maiden, whose name stands unknown
Devoted to her lover but his actions left her scorned
When she found him cavorting with the ale house w____s

The Witch of Wookey Hole

She fled into the cave, of which the locals claimed
Lead down through the dark to the caverns of hell
Her sorrow turned to anger, her pain turned to hate
She called upon the devil, to become her dark mage

That night as she lay, shiverring in dark chambers
A diabolical vision, appeared unto her
In exchange for dark powers, to curse her wayward lover
In return her dead soul, she would relinquish

She cursed her untrue lover, afflicted with the pox
But this man's suffering, could not quell her rage
She turned to other lovers, that she could smite
Using her merciless arts, their lives she could blight

The Witch of Wookey Hole

The Witch of Wookey, resides alone
Her petrified corpse, lies forever in stone
A'top the devil's cauldron, her final resting place
A testimony to her fall from grace
The Witch of Wookey, resides alone,
Her petrified corpse, lies forever in stone
Down the stream of sorrow on the confines of hell
The caves of Wookey is where she fell

I Curse Thee.... Failing crops and mighty storms
I Curse Thee.... Soured milk and plagues of disease
I Curse Thee.... Tainted livestock, cursed love
I Curse Thee.... Fear and chaos, panic and mayhem

A final curse upon young love, caused the man to flee
He took his vows and holy orders in the chuch of Glastonbury
The villagers sent graven word, unto the diocese
To tell the holy abbott of their sufferance and plight
He called on Father Bernard, to be dispatched at once
A master exorcist of necromancers and wizards

The villagers had all now fled, when the monk arrived
He entered the cave with a candle and a bible at his side
The witch was standing hunched over a pool of water
With a wicked smile, a goat and a snarling dog aside "Rash beyond all reason, why commest thou to look on me?"

"It is Holy Mother Church that bids thee.
Repent O misguided spirit,
and leave thy wickedness ere judgment overtake thee.

Thou troublest heaven with thy sorceries
and thy mischiefs are abhorred of all mankind.
Repent; put away the powers of evil,
for thy spells shall not avail
thee against the wrath that is to come."

Exorcizo te, omnis spiritus immunde
in nomine Patris, et Spiritus Sanctus

"The witch retreated into a second chamber,
down Hells Ladder and Father followed.
He knelt and gathered a handful of water,
he blessed, and swiftly threw over the witch.
With a ghastly scream, and severed soul
Her body began too slow
She instantly turned unto stone,
where she remains, to this day.... to this day"

CD 1
  • 1 Hob Headless Rises
  • 2 The Devil's Footprints
  • 3 The Witch of Wookey Hole
  • 4 The Embalming of Gods (Intro)
  • 5 On the Surface
  • 6 Same Mind
  • 7 Nazi
  • 8 Protest & Resist
  • 9 War Drum
  • 10 You Really Got Me

  • Release information
    label: Godreah Records
    country(area): United Kingdom
    format: CD
    barcode: 5024545595123
    script: Latin