Olivia Newton‐John - Mary Skeffington 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 1972
ジャンル: Rock Pop Folk, World, & Country
スタイル: Vocal
length: 2:29
Mary Skeffington, close your eyes
And make believe that you are just a girl again
Go to sleep tonight, dream of days
When you had something there to light the way

Remember a holiday in a north of England town
You slept in a room upstairs on a bed of eiderdown

Mary Skeffington, when you wake
You mustn't be afraid to face another day
Think of what you had, you'll get by
You've always been a lady, hold your head up high

Look back on your home where you spent the best years of your life
Remember the man who asked you if you would be his wife

  • 1 Angel of the Morning
  • 2 Just a Little Too Much
  • 3 If We Only Have Love
  • 4 Winterwood
  • 5 My Old Man's Got a Gun
  • 6 Changes
  • 7 I'm a Small and Lonely Light
  • 8 Why Don't You Write Me
  • 9 Mary Skeffington
  • 10 Behind That Locked Door
  • 11 What Is Life
  • 12 Everything I Own
  • 13 Living in Harmony
  • 14 I Will Touch You