Who Sang Only With You? Olivia Ong

Olivia Ong Fall in Love With cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2007-7-6
length: 3:39
Its not that Im lost
Or that I dont know what I want
Oh I know that I cant have all the fun in the world
Yes turns to no. And people may come and go
Its take it or leave it. Its reality, girl
You put on a mask
Coz you know youre such a mess
When you walk into a wall
Thats when wisdom will call
Dont let emotions take you on another ride
For at the end of the ride is
Back to same old story
But now you know. Hands to the sky
Now its time to fly. And youll say
I know that only with you
You can brighten up my day anytime
Its you. I hold you in my heart
Never far. Always near
So I can wipe my tears off my face
Be brave again
In know I can. Only with you
The dawn is breakin
You wake to a beautiful sunrise
Oh you know that you cant waste such a beautiful day
Listen now. Get out of your own world
Why put your heart on these things
And always question why?
Now looking back. I was so blind
Couldnt see. Whats in front of me
Now Im freed. No longer tied to the past
Yes things can change
But I dont have to play the same game
So now I know. Hands to the sky
Now its time to fly. Hear me say

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