Who Sang No Way Out? Omen

Release information
Release Date: 1988-9-27
Genre: Rock
Style: Heavy Metal/Hard Rock
length: 3:17
Nothing stops your fall
Life has got you trapped
Seeing all there is
Become a part of it and
Realize there's no way

Caught inside it all
Worse than any wall
Crushing dreams that come your way
Trying, feeling last
It's much too fast
Just look, things can change
Stop - don't wanna lose it all,
No - it's not worth the pain
Like a photograph you're in the past
Just keep your head high you'll win

No way out
No way

Out of your mind you go
You're feeling cold
It could be ripped apart
Take it in your hands or you'll surely land
As one who lives day by day
How - why must it be this way
No - you know it's not for me
False beings and promises
Your prophets gone
Climbing over, you can't go last

No way out
No way

Now your life's getting hard to grasp
It's just a play and we're the cast
Don't you feel it in your heart
Take the stage and play your part

No way out
No way out
No way out
No way

CD 1
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  • 2 Radar Love
  • 3 Escape to Nowhere
  • 4 Cry for the Morning
  • 5 Thorn in Your Flesh
  • 6 Poisoned
  • 7 Nomads
  • 8 King of the Hill
  • 9 No Way Out