Who Sang Altar Ego? One Bad Pig

One Bad Pig Swine Flew cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1990
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk
length: 4:10
guest guitar family: Dann Huff
lyricist: Caroline Owens
composer: Philip Owens
Sunday morning showtime
White-wash suit is pressed
Kiss your study Bible and say, "I am the best"
The make up for your character is in your vanity
With such an act you ought to be an Oscar nomine

"Hallelus" and "Praise the Lords" are flowin´ from your lips
While telling babes in Christ that you´ve got God within your grips
Into chugging milk, you´re acting so mature
But if you ate the meat of Scripture, man, you´d choke on it for sure

You´ve got an altar ego
The church is your stage
You´ve got an altar ego
Your works are on parade
Altar ego
Forget about the Lord
You´ve got an altar ego
You´ve got your full reward

Offering´s the time when proving piety´s a cinch
Thumbing Andrew Jacksons, so that all can catch a glimpse
Your right hand tells your left hand the great sacrifice you´ve made
But the widow´s penny next to you just blew your wad away


Your pride has got you on a chain and you´ve become it´s slave
Lay your ego on the altar or it´ll lay you in your grave


CD 1
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  • 2 Altar Ego
  • 3 Hey Punk
  • 4 Red River
  • 5 Bowl of Wrath
  • 6 Big Stomach
  • 7 Christmas Time
  • 8 Judas’ Kiss
  • 9 Desperation
  • 10 Thrash Against Sin
  • 11 Swine Flew
  • 12 When Your Love Died
  • 13 We Want You