Who Sang Big Stomach? One Bad Pig

One Bad Pig Swine Flew cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1990
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk
length: 3:40
guest guitar: Dale Oliver
composer: Paul Q-Pek
lyricist: Carey Womack
She´s got a big stomach
And she´s right there on my TV
She´s sweating and she´s groaning
It´s about to maek me queasy
She yells to boil water
Pull the sheets of the bed
Cosby says to grab your lip
And yank it over your head

Labor ain´t no easy thing
Life is what your toil brings
Can´t give birth without some strain
Life is more than worth the pain

"Miss Scarlet! Miss Scarlet!
I don´t know nothin´ about birthin` no babies!"

I´ve got a big vision
I´m veggin´ watching TV
"It´s not by might or power...."
So I´m gonna take it easy
Don´t think I´m not busy
Ain´t no lazy jerk
I´m dreaming of the glory
While the Lord does all the work


"Sweet Jesus! Sweet Jesus!
I don´t know anything about birthin´ no vision"

You gotta push (Push!)
You gotta shove (Shove!)
A stork ain´t gonna drop it in your lap from above
You gotta push (Push!)
You gotta shove (Shove!)
You gotta pray and work with lots of tears and love

If I don´t get busy
I´ve dreamt to no avail
I´m gonna have to pay the price
Of a woman in travail


CD 1
  • 1 See Me Sweat
  • 2 Altar Ego
  • 3 Hey Punk
  • 4 Red River
  • 5 Bowl of Wrath
  • 6 Big Stomach
  • 7 Christmas Time
  • 8 Judas’ Kiss
  • 9 Desperation
  • 10 Thrash Against Sin
  • 11 Swine Flew
  • 12 When Your Love Died
  • 13 We Want You