Bird Nest Lyrics - One Bad Pig

One Bad Pig I Scream Sunday cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1991
Genre: Jazz Rock
Style: Religious/Punk
length: 3:08
Gossip now has got your ears
Drive a wedge that lasts for years
Charge a card better then a check
Now in debt up to your neck
In the dark you park your car
Soon your hands are roaming far
You know how to drink and drive
Will the kid you hit survive

See a birdie in the air
Build a birdnest in your hair
When temptation comes you say
"Why not take it all the way"

Got a little mad and cussed
Soo your witness will go bust
It won´t hurt to sip some Mich
Six pack later feeling sick
Nurse a little bitternesss
Make your neighbor eat your fist
Tell a joke about some gay
Keep a lost soul from the Way


Be real cool, hang with the guys
Tease the fat girl ´til she cries
Can´t hold on to any cash
Spend the t__he of God on trash
No big deal to smoke some pot
Keep it up, your mind will rot
D & D is just a game
Learns tos peak a demon´s name


See that birdie in the air
You better run for cover
If it messes up your hair
You´ll look bad for your lover


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