Who Sang Looney Tune? One Bad Pig

Release information
Release Date: 1989
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk
length: 1:26
On the sacrificial altar
In a deli in New York
You might find a leg of lamb
But you won´t find no pork
I´ve never, ever killed a man
And I swear I´ve never lied
But God said, "You´ve done quite enough, you pig your bacon´s fried"

One Bad Pig - Our claim to fame
One Bad Pig - What a stupid name
One Bad Pig - God won´t take ham
One BadPig - Christ is The Lamb

I was a filthy goyim
The worst you´d ever seen
But you can call me "Kosher"
Cuz Jesus made me clean
Once to be called chosen
You had to be a Jew
But since we died in Jesus One Bad Pig is chosen too



CD 1
  • 1 Godarchy
  • 2 Isaiah 6
  • 3 Let's Be Frank
  • 4 People Cry Out
  • 5 Frat Rats
  • 6 Smash the Guitar
  • 7 Kingdom Come
  • 8 Take a Flying Leap
  • 9 I'm Not Getting Any Older
  • 10 Looney Tune
  • 11 Don't Be Fooled
  • 12 Blow and Go