Who Sang Sober Up? One Bad Pig

One Bad Pig I Scream Sunday cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1991
Genre: Jazz Rock
Style: Religious/Punk
length: 2:43
Drunk on music, drunk on sports
Drunk on pleasures of all sorts
Drunk on causes, drunk on work
These can be good, but don´t be a jerk

Sober up
Your thinking´s dull
Sober up
You´re out of your skull
Sober up
Life could be super
Sober up
From your spiritual stupor

Drunk on men, drunk on women
Drunk on thoughts that keep you sinnin´
Drunk on fortune, drunk on fame
Drunk on the world and it´s such a shame

Drunk on drugs, drunk on thrills
Movin´ fast through societies´ ills
Drunk on power, drunk on self
Say it again?...just say it yourself


Tryin´ to walk the line
Hey - you´re staggerin´ fine
Don´t be drunk with wine
Get your fill from the Holy Vine

Sober up
There´s a better way
Sober up
Can you heat what I say?
Sober up
Your thinkin´s dull
Sober up
You´re out of your skull

Sober up
Sober up
Sober up...

CD 1
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  • 2 You're a Pagan
  • 3 I Scream Sunday
  • 4 Man in Black
  • 5 Not Love Money
  • 6 Cut Your Hair
  • 7 For a Good Man
  • 8 Ice Cream Sundae
  • 9 Bird Nest
  • 10 Up the Nose
  • 11 Spirit of Murder
  • 12 Sober Up
  • 13 Pad Thai
  • 14 Never Forget the Cross
  • 15 Wholly My Lord