Who Sang Fly? Ookla the Mok

Ookla the Mok Less Than Art cover art
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Release Date: 1997
length: 3:15

If I could fly I'd fly so high that you couldn't see me
And if I could fly I'd fly so high that you'd want to be me
And if I could fly I'd fly today
And if I could fly I'd fly away
Sunny day outside
It's a perfect day for swingsets and slides
And running round and round in circles in a field of endless green
Till I fall down and watch the clouds as they circle in the sky
Run away and hide
I know it's getting late but I don't want to go inside
I want to stretch out on a hillside so that I can feel my back
Against the ground and count the stars as they sparkle in the sky
And you'd better give me something to hold onto or I'll surely slip away
Away into this endless blue that calls me every day
But if I fly you know I won't go very far
If I'm the sky then you're my stars
You know you're the only thing that keeps me coming back
Without you I'd disappear into this sky of endless black
I know we're both afraid of where I'm flying to
But when I fly you can be sure I'll come flying back to you

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    country(area): United States
    script: Latin